Tuesday, March 24, 2009

build has started

Hi everyone,

Too bad my camera didnt function so well today. Its 4 hours since I have begun, and I am at 1-07 of the build manual. Lots of parts to go trough, but its fun and I like it :)

I also found some weird stuff in the build manual, will tell Iain when I have time:

1-01: Left 3d does not fit part#
1-02: 10011 instead of 10010
1-03: 10008 instead of 10007, 10009 instead of 10008

And some parts dont have a name assigned, only a number. Oh well, luckely I know what M3x20 means. I will try to get this thing running before friday, I have got a good name for the reprap: Ice... Because its white. Only need some blue leds to match the fans.

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